Love Poem Result 1

Love Poem Result 1
June 30, 2021 No Comments Poem profound@writers7788

You are my destiny!

You are my destiny!
You are my destiny!

My soulmate, my life,

Every breath lives for you,

My songs hum for you ,

My poetry rhymes your love

My story-line ushers with you

And ends with your radiance,

Every word scales your emotions,

We dream togetherness,

Reverberate in resonance

You are my love laden journey

Stepping tip toe lighting candles

Of love, of romance and music,

Sharing smiles and tears,

Making promises of evergreen ,

Lasting companionship,

” till death do us part “

Aye, you are my love-lit journey

You are my destiny,

With you , I am accomplished.

-Dr. Karuna Bhalla


Name : Karuna Bhalla

Topic : You are my destiny

Format: Love Poem

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