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All of us are passionate writers. Writing is our way of expressing ourself. But there are CHALLENGES that one have to overcome, while spending your time in writing.

” A passionate writer is not a quitter, but a challenger who completes with time

What are the significant challenges that a writer faces?


One might not be well verse in using vocabularies. Especially when the vocabulary is lengthy and has significant impact. As writers, we want our content to be impact and powerful to the readers. In such cases, if one tends to struggle in vocabulary, the content will be shattered into pieces. Some vocabulary sounds similar, and also quite confusing.

SENTENCE Formation:

Some writers love to use simple sentences while some like using complex sentences that are powerful. The main thing here is, if one do not use proper words or sentences to deliver his/her emotions, expressions, or the feeling, the reader will not be able to get the exact feeling or message, that one has improperly conveyed. The structure of sentence formation is really important.


Definitely, one would feel tired or stressed out , concentrating in a work for more than 2 hours. At that time, one would lose their confidence and the enthusiasm in writing. At times like this, We fail to have a stable mind and end up messing our precious content. Due to tiredness, one will have a reluctant way of writing.


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One will feel stressed out or will be in frustration when there’s a time limit is given. The urge to finish the content within the given time, type content will end up being in a monotonous and unmotivated manner.

Let’s see what to do when such challenges occur, how to overcome, and tips for it.

Using vocabularies will have a great impact in Writing. One who tends to struggle in vocabulary, can learn from someone who is well verse in using vocabularies. Otherwise, you can also learn from “GOOGLE” by searching various vocabularies with literal meaning. Maintain a book that keeps a note of all your Vocabularies that you have learnt, which will be useful in recalling. Learning process should be consecutive, to have a effective results and impacts.

For a person who don’t know to form sentences, first have to know the basic structure of framing sentences. In addition to this, read books that have good use of vocabulary and grammar. For starters, try reading articles, magazines that have proper English and good English news paper which can further enhance your learning.

When you feel tired, take a stroll near or outside your house to have a peace of mind. You can also take short break with energy drink that boosts up the stamina and energy. After all, the working capacity won’t be efficient if it is restless. Take a nap, setting an alarm. Sometimes, it can be also due to lack of sleep.

Time management- one have to be relaxed while writing, without getting agitated. Having a relaxing and calming mind will help you to finish the content within the time. Listen to pleasant songs, to ease your mind, without fully being concentrated in your work.


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We are passionate writer, who give everything to inspire our readers. When you feel down, try saying words that beckons you to keep you enthusiastic in writing! Cheer up and keep improving!

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