No, a big NO..! suicide can never be the only option…!

No, a big NO..! suicide can never be the only option…!
July 14, 2021 7 Comments Blogs profound@writers7788

You may be confusing thoughts that feel true for true thoughts. There is a difference! Just because you feel hopeless doesn’t mean that life and your situation are truly hopeless. In most cases, a variety of thinking errors conspire to make situations seem direr than they are.

You may be assuming that your current feelings and situation will never change for the better. This is not likely. Suicidal feelings and thoughts tend to decrease over time. Suicidal feelings are NOT a permanent state in most cases. Your mental state will change with time, your pursuit of treatment, and your active efforts to alter the things in the environment that are bothering you. It is very likely that if you kill yourself, you will have confused the temporary for the permanent.

Increasing percentage of suicide ….

You may not be thinking about the other people you will harm. Suicide will affect your entire family as well as your close friends. All of the people who are close to you will be very wounded by your death, and the ones who care about you the most, or need you the most, will be the most affected. L
life will go on, of course, but living with permanent grief is never a good state of affairs.

You may be thinking that this is an effective way to punish or communicate pain to people who have previously hurt you. You may be thinking “I will show them all”, that you’ll prove something, or get someone to listen to you or take you seriously. Your decision to commit suicide won’t prove anything. Plus, if you’re gone, how people react to you or think about you doesn’t matter anyway. There is nothing you can do, ultimately, to force other people to change or to care about you. However, you can change your responses and reactions to them. Also, if you can learn to care about yourself, you will find that various people notice that, and will start to care about you. It’s not a paradox, but it may seem like one at first.
It’s easy to destroy but commandable to create all over again.

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    Suicide is the worst thing one could do. It’s the sign of coward. If you really want to end your life then rather to die, just go to some other place and restart from 0. Suicide is just a coward thing and if you really have enough courage to attempt suicide then why don’t you use that courage for something good.

    This topic and the words in it are amazing and true. All should read and learn from it.

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    Shreya Vij

    That’s quite an informative post..this needs to be spread as suicide rates in India are alarming these days, especially due to the covid lockdown and increased unemployment, mental pressure..great work by the team..hope, unexpectedly it brings a big change in someone’s life.

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    Manya Jain

    Suicide is the first thing which comes in the mind of youngsters, anything happens in life let it be a very small but to escape from the situation suicide comes to the mind….a little thing gives the life time sorrow. To prove yourself right or to escape from punishment you punish your family because society just need someone to point out and your this action is more than enough for them.
    Surbhi ma’am you wrote on a very wonderful topic people need to understand suicide is never ever any solution. Yes, these feelings are temporary but action taken becomes permanent.

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    Priyanka Deshpande

    Very well researched and penned… Definitely Suicide is not an option. One should try finding meaning of life than ending it.

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    Priyanka Deshpande

    Very well researched and penned… Definitely Suicide is not an option. One should try finding meaning of life than ending it. I am impressed….Loved this one

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    Prakash Chandra

    Is suicide a crime less than killing others? You think whole day I do not do any kind of mistake and suddenly taking such a big decision such a big sin! Yes, what is happening to you, you are being persecuted. So face it. Keeping quiet can prove to be even more fatal for you. Today is the age of social media, share your problems on a good website that what would be the right thing to do in such a situation. What else to say, only a little courage can save your life. At least you don’t hurt the people closest to you.

    The same things have been told in this blog as well. That all the people close to you have so many problems before and you will increase their troubles by ending your life. It is rightly written that this dipperesion does not last forever. It will fade away with your changing style, environment and time.

    Well, talking about this blog, it is a wonderful post. Wonderful, as if written after doing some research.


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