Qoute Result 1

Qoute Result 1
June 25, 2021 No Comments Qoute profound@writers7788

Today’s topic 23/06/2021

Hey Everyone ♥️❣️,

Here is your results

Topic : Peace (English) 

Topic : Shanti (Hinglish)

Format : Quote (4 lines Max)  

All the best for future….Lets rock

Team Profound Writers

Winner 1
Name: Nitish Kumar. Y

Fighting with farrago opinions amidst fracas with quietude is manifestly an attestation of possessing utmost inner peace.


Winner 2

Name: Prakash Pandey

“The quest for peace begins in yourself, in the home and in the workplace when you find the peace in yourself you find the love in the world.


Winner 3

Name : Neelofar Tania

We can never achieve peace,

Merely by running away, 

From the truth.

~Neelofar Tania

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