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Profound Writers is a prominent writing community established on 8th March, 2020 by Mr. Randhir with a dream of providing a platform for budding writers to improve their writing skills.

Profound Writers has touched the mark and surpassed the magic number 2000 which is a dream for every community. Today, it is one of the best writing platforms with different languages managing almost 25 groups including the languages English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu under the guidance of admins supported by volunteers round the clock to enhance the writing skills of aspirant writers.

In this blog, we are ecstatic to share our experiences with respect to anthology. We are laymen while we took the decision to take the project- “PROFOUND WRITERS ANTHOLOGY”. Almost we spent two complete months to gain knowledge about anthology.

After acquiring an appreciable amount of knowledge, we started advertising in all our social media sites. Surprisingly, we got a greater response from many writers. We added all those enthusiastic writers to a group just like all birds under the shade of one tree. They all submitted us the writers before deadline which is highly commendable. 

However, we took one month for proof-reading to publish a book which is from flaws. Life always presents unexpected gifts. Sometimes we adore them and sometimes we curse them. An incident such that had happened. Majority of you may understand that one horrendous situation- “Lockdown in India” that too all the metropolitan cities were under strict surveillance of the central government and para-military.

All our dreams were shattered and there was a huge pressure from writers. Of course, we can’t blame anyone as who will not be very eager when their woks are publishing in book? At last, after many discussions with publication house we released the book and delivered the book to their houses with utmost care and safety.

The journey was not smooth but it had taught many lessons and gave a valuable experience.

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