“Please try to Separate character from an actor!

“Please try to Separate character from an actor!
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There are many people as much as we see in this world. We get out of our home daily and see new faces every day, some maybe same and some maybe not. But what is we talk about her is about judging the people instead of their mindset. It happens mostly when we had a wrong impact from someone on first meeting and that doesn’t make wrong, maybe they are good guys just first meeting was little bit awkward. It’s even more awkward when you meet your friend after a long time with a bad past and when they show up devastated type all we thought about is their character what they left behind or maybe they also think of us in that way.

But what if they were really important to us in the past, do we judge actor from character?

For a while of course we will think of a little sorry from them. Judging is correct when mistakes was deep or something is misunderstood by someone but here we are talking about character of an actor.

People really are so good in relating a character of an actor. We really need to learn this that what happens between each other we have to differ between these two things which is really important to do. And if we not do this technically, psychologically, sociologically, there will be huge problems create between each other and by which people wil not be meet from each other from that misunderstandings. If there is any misunderstandings left between each other try to sort out it morally and ethically while meet-ups.

Problems to be sorted out.

We create a lot of problems in our life which definitely some could be sort out and some could not be and those problems which cannot be sort out they hurt the most, which could be anything maybe long term relations which went wrong between parents and child, maybe to tell a lie to someone in order to protect them from something hilarious but misunderstandings took place and now the other person do not want to clear out, or maybe two brothers/sisters who just want attention somewhere and they could not understand each other. It could create a mess or we can say a worst scenario amongst all the members of the family.

Things change, people change but why not in these changing let make misunderstandings finish so that we could not make character of an actor one thing.

Some people are not meant for each other but they meet each other for a specific reason. Let’s just assume basically it happens all the time but assuming i could not relate much better idea than this.

A guy meeting a girl fall in love with each other that completely change their lives, but who knows that changing part was the most beautiful part ever for those people. Though things could not be in control sometimes but meeting and knowing that girl was the most beautiful thing he admired in his life. Sometimes our fate did not want those two people who love each other or maybe one sided love to be completed but seeking the things from those experiences could be the best thing ever had someone!

Things maybe differ with some circumstances..

in those scenarios which we do not want but having life longings with them we could not forget our whole life. Maybe we move on from them but a time came and we all are still confused that we are in still in love with them? When this question arises always make sure with a pure heart and healthy mindset that you could solve those differences by having conversations with them. Just try your best to do it and without judging their character we could fully know about the actor what they are going to say. If the mistake was from one sided it could not be sorted out but if it is from both the side it is well knowingly things maybe not be as past hut it will get back to normal and we are all satisfied.

Trusting a person is not easy, it takes a lot of effort to believe a person when things went wrong but it takes more time when a person is broken and some genuine guy came to them and say believe in me. The thing genuine guy can do is do every good work for a person who is broken, not just to believe in them but also to join that broken person so that on one can ever hurt them and if ever someone try to hurt they would not get affected.

The message i want to convey is that people do not change what change is mindset and due to that we judge the character which we do is wrong. Have a healthy relationship with people whom you do not want to leave forever because those actors are the best, trust me for sure. It is the best thing you wil do in your life when you are seeking your all embarrassment and mistakes all at once. Try it, your meaning of life will be completed that day.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.”

— Don Quixote

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