Penning Pearls GWL -3

Penning Pearls GWL -3

This competition was held on 14th and 15th of November 2020. The topic provided for the contest was “COLOURS OF LIFE” and we were delighted to see that most of them were eager to participate. Members of this contest were not only from our community but their interest in writing and to achieve something great made their way to “PROFOUND WRITERS COMMUNITY”. The winners were chosen by the jury who are far experienced as well as who show no partiality to anyone. Plagiarised posts were disqualified and proved that cheating gives nothing except bad reputation. Winner of the contest is “DEEPJYOTI CHOUDHURY” and she was given Rs.200/-, one month Amazon Prime subscription and the winning certificate. Runner up is “NIRU ROSE” who was given Rs.100/- and 2 weeks free subscription of PW’s Entertainment Club which is a paid group of Profound Writers. All the participants of this contest were given e-certificates under participation category.

Over all, it was an amazing experience for all the participants to participate in such a contest and also the feedback of the winner was uploaded on our YouTube channel.

Profound Writers is a government affiliated prominent writing community established on 8th March, 2020. Here we are going to talk about a competition organised by our team named “PENNING PEARLS GLOBAL WRITING LEAGUE 3”. People from all over the world had participated in this contest.


TOP 10 WINNERS OF Penning Pearls GWL – 3