Nametry Result 1

Nametry Result 1
July 1, 2021 No Comments Nametry profound@writers7788

Name : Arshad Raj
Format : Nametry
Language : Hinglish

A – Aaj Maine yeh Thana hai.

R – Raaste ho chahe kitne hi kathin.

S – Sapnoon ko poora kar dikhana hai.

H – Haalat ho chahe kitne hi mushkil.

A – Apni Poori himmat aur takat se.

D – Dare bagair Jeet ke dikhana hai.

By – Arshad Raj

Name : Karuna Bhalla
Format : Nametry
Language: English

K .Kind and compassionate is the essence of life,
A .Ambitious to achieve the higher goals,
R .Radiant and thoroughly responsible,
U .Unique with an unlimited zeal and enthusiasm
N .Noble and generous with the marginalised,
A .Aspiring to soar high to the stars.

B .Benevolent with all,
H .Happy with hope and harmony,
A .Ardently sincere and clear,
L .Light the world with lamp of learning,
L .Light house of the ocean,
A . Aesthetically artistic.

Dr. Karuna Bhalla

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