Microtale Result 1

Microtale Result 1
July 8, 2021 2 Comments Microtale profound@writers7788

Name : N. Sweta

Topic: Last Destination
Format: Microtale

Date: 06/07/2021

Language: English


We all know, there are numerous, countless number of stars on the skies. All of them emit such radiant, beautiful, elegant sparkling light which makes enormous people to adore them!

There was this peculiar star in the constellation, which did not emit that much of light compared to other stars in the constellation. It was also the smallest star among all. It’s whispering friends, were ominous towards this tiny star. One day, a traveller, who was traveling at night, looked at the sky, for a star to be his guiding spirit. All the stars enormously radiated their potential, to give a bright light for the traveller to pick one of them.

Of course, our tiny star also tried, but couldn’t be that much of a glowing star compared to its friends. But the traveller, found this tiny star to be quite intriguing and amusing. He decided and asked,”Will you be my guiding spirit, Mr. Tiny star?” The star was in a state of a bliss! However, The star knew that it have to give its full potential if it have to be his guiding spirit. There was also one more thing, that the star kept hidden from the traveller. The star left its friends and started being the traveller’s guiding spirit. Time passed, the traveller was fond of this tiny guy, who helped him till the end of his journey. One terrible thing that the traveller didn’t knew was, if the tiny star give out its full potential to glow in the sky, it will be reduced to a stone and will be consumed by a black hole!

The journey ended, and it was the time for the traveller to bid “goodbye” to the star. But, the traveller didn’t know it will be a enternal goodbye to this tiny guy! The star was happy, that it could be somewhat useful to the traveller and didn’t complain anything about being consumed by a black hole! Even if its last destination, was with the black hole, the tiny star didn’t care about it. The star with tears flowing from its eyes said,” Mr. Traveller, thank you for choosing me!”

Just like that, When the traveller thought that something was bothering him about the star, it was already reduced to a stone and got consumed by a black hole!

                                      - SWETHA.
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    The struggle of soul who is willing to prove itself in this competitive world was portrayed perfectly here.
    Such a blissful moment for the little star and also the painful ending which conveys the message perfectly.
    😍😍🤩🤩lved it swetha ma’am🥰

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    Thank you for your comment!


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