Latter Result 1

Latter Result 1
June 25, 2021 No Comments Latter profound@writers7788

Dear Present Me,

I must congratulate you for this miraculous transformation of yours, a person all positive finally.

After a hiatus, your lips are adorned with that lovely smile that had been lost years ago. You had been deeply engraved into the tomb of emotional turbulence and turmoil. I mistook you were finished but how could you!

But I know you for years, you have always been a warrior, no matter how deeply wounded you are, you have that spark, that fire, you always know how to make a ferocious comeback like a bruised lioness, all puffed up with confidence, battling hard, defeating the odds and mark the victory in your name.

You have come far beyond surpassing all evens and odds thrown upon you by the life. Your heart so lovely chaste, couldn’t understand the cruel world. But eventually you mustered all your energy and fisted a punch hard to knock down the grief building fence around you with valiant blows.

Really you are a phoenix hard rising out of the ashes again.

You are a source of inspiration to the ones who give up.

Nice meeting a new version of yours!

Look forward to see you like this forever.

Your well wisher

Prachi Gakhar

Winner for Tribeso’s yesterday topic

Name: Prachi Gakhar

Topic : A letter to my present me (English)

Format : Letter Writing

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