Essay Result 1

Essay Result 1
July 14, 2021 No Comments Essay Result 1 profound@writers7788

Is Social Media a Curse or Boon
In today’s time and race communication is fundamental for every citizen. Firstly it started with letters. One use to write a letter and it reaches its address and than receiver responds with his letter back. It use to take lot of time. Sometimes even event mentioned in the letter had already taken place and than letter reaches. Than came landline telephone, through which you can talk instantly but call use to get connected rarely. Than came STD call. It use get connected immediately but costs were very high. So all can’t afford. Than arrived mobile by which you are in touch 24×7.

Than also started the trend of messaging. Initial it was 2G or 3G network which use to be slow so the internet took lot of time in transfering data from one location to another. But social media started developing like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and telegram etc. The people use to communicate through messaging to one another. You just type the message and it reaches to receiver on a click of a button. And people started making groups and also started following each other. In the past people use to socialize by get togethers. But now instead of meeting one another physically they started meeting virtually. They started communicating through digital platforms. And this association became as good as use to be otherwise.

But biggest drawback of this was that people stopped going out. They became self centered. They lost emotional attachment with one another.Now their only contact remain with one another is through digital medium. They don’t have any eye contact, human to human touch. So the vibrations of emotions don’t exchange and we humans becomes like any other object. So the feelings of love, sadness, grief, tears, happiness are all gone. This is the only curse we have to face.

Name : Anil Kumar Jaiswal

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