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PW Events

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A Wonderful Gift

Stop expecting and start accepting things as you get it.

– Priyanshi Pandit

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Penning Pearls - Global writing league

This competition was held on 14th and 15th of November 2020. The topic provided for the contest was “COLOURS OF LIFE” and we were delighted to see that most of them were eager to participate.

Profound Writers #1 Anthology

we are ecstatic to share our experiences with respect to anthology. We are laymen while we took the decision to take the project- “PROFOUND WRITERS ANTHOLOGY”. Almost we spent two complete months to gain knowledge about anthology.


on 25 April 2021 in both Hindi and English language. It can be called a successful event as a large number of people joined in and shared their powerful words. PW had 190 entries for English and 120 entries for Hindi which indeed is a great achievement.


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PW Mushaira

AIBA 2020

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