Bullying And Physical Torture

Bullying And Physical Torture

Bullying and physical torture is common nowadays and we just ignore the fact that people do actually die with being bully. Here’s the research paper why people should not suffer bully.


Book Name : Bullying And Physical Torture

Authors : Saurabh Arora & Parth Rastogi

Published by : Profound Writers

About Authors

Saurabh Arora


I am a law student of 4th year, my main goal of doing law is to make out the justice clear that punishment for everyone should be equal and fair. I fight, seek and live for the country I live in and also try to ensure the things that are underrated by people to come out and people learn from it. Apart from that I am a social worker that makes to willing the society clean, healthy and wealthy and that’s what a environmental lawyer do. Also I am a life giving writer who gives lessons from mt writings to the people about how to interact and make changes in the society from the topics that people do not wanted to hear.
My two novels are:


Parth Rastogi


I’m a Fourth-year BBA LL.B. student, future lawyer, and a lifelong humanitarian. I am fuelled with passion when I see people who haven’t been given their fair chance in society. While others may want to handle flashy cases that make the news, I want to help these people get their chance for justice..

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