Author: profound@writers7788

Author: profound@writers7788

August 13, 2021 Blogs profound@writers7788

All of us are passionate writers. Writing is our way of expressing ourself. But there are CHALLENGES that one have to overcome, while spending your time in writing. ” A passionate writer is not a quitter, but a challenger who completes with time“ What are the significant challenges that a writer faces? VOCABULARY PROBLEMS: One

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“Please try to Separate character from an actor!
July 15, 2021 Blogs profound@writers7788

There are many people as much as we see in this world. We get out of our home daily and see new faces every day, some maybe same and some maybe not. But what is we talk about her is about judging the people instead of their mindset. It happens mostly when we had a

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Topic Writing: A love Undefined | Format: 16 line poetry.
July 14, 2021 16 line poetry profound@writers7788

Format: 16 line poetry WRITING-A LOVE UNDEFINED Writing, is it a love undefined? Or should I say a journey pre-destined? Something which is not confined, Within a limit. I will say its an addiction designed, To trap the beautiful souls, that are determined. The beautiful souls whose pure words are entwined, To help the depressed

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Free Format
July 14, 2021 INSPIRATIONAL profound@writers7788

Farewell is a tough word to say but in life, nobody is permanent everyone is temporary. One day or the other we have to bid farewell. ~Neelofar Tania Name : Neelofar Tania Topic : Farewell Format :Free

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Essay Result 1
July 14, 2021 Essay Result 1 profound@writers7788

Is Social Media a Curse or BoonBoth…In today’s time and race communication is fundamental for every citizen. Firstly it started with letters. One use to write a letter and it reaches its address and than receiver responds with his letter back. It use to take lot of time. Sometimes even event mentioned in the letter

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No, a big NO..! suicide can never be the only option…!
July 14, 2021 Blogs profound@writers7788

You may be confusing thoughts that feel true for true thoughts. There is a difference! Just because you feel hopeless doesn’t mean that life and your situation are truly hopeless. In most cases, a variety of thinking errors conspire to make situations seem direr than they are. You may be assuming that your current feelings

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English Activity Result
July 10, 2021 Activity Results profound@writers7788

Name: Anil Kumar Jaiswal Topic : From the Corner of my mind Date : 04/07/2021 Language: English Double minded. The mind was thinking on many lines, Sometimes this to follow, Sometimes that to follow, But couldn’t conclude, Who to approach, So fluctuating here and there. Sometimes one brings forth, This idea, And putting out others

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July 9, 2021 Blog profound@writers7788

PROFOUND WRITERS COMMUNITY is an emerging writing community authorized government organization, which has giving opportunities for upcoming writers in INDIA. It was started on 8th March,2020. On the occasion of first anniversary celebrations we conducted YouTube contest which was the first ever biggest event and nearly 500 members participated and we shortlisted the best and

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Microtale Result 1
July 8, 2021 Microtale profound@writers7788

Name : N. Sweta Topic: Last DestinationFormat: Microtale Date: 06/07/2021 Language: English LAST DESTINATION OF A STAR! We all know, there are numerous, countless number of stars on the skies. All of them emit such radiant, beautiful, elegant sparkling light which makes enormous people to adore them! There was this peculiar star in the constellation,

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Quote Result 2
July 2, 2021 Quote profound@writers7788

Topic: Gratitude Format: Quote Winner name : Dipti David Being grateful for the Sun that shines ever so bright, being grateful for the moon that shines brightly at night. Being grateful that you are able to write, be it dawn or be it night!

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Poem Result 2
July 1, 2021 Poem profound@writers7788

Topic: Dead Night/Kali Gehri Raat Format: Poem Language : English and Hinglish Winner name : Priya Patel Kali gehri raat Kabhi dilae mujhe uski yaad Kabhi lae usse milne ki faryaad Kabhi chhorti shararatein apni Kabhi sunati kahani apni Kabhi lagti saheli so Kabhi lage paheli si Kabhi mujhe apna kehti Kabhi vo mere sare

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