AIBA 2021

AIBA 2021
AIBA 2020 (All India Best Writer Award)

PROFOUND WRITERS celebrated its first anniversary on 08th March, 2021. During this journey, PROFOUND WRITERS touched many milestones such as publishing anthologies, organising different contests which include SWAT, Mushaira, PENNING PEARLS GLOBAL WRITING LEAGUE and other weekend contests. Besides all these achievements getting recognition from the government of India is the top of all. To celebrate all this huge success on this D-Day, the whole team PW organised AIBA (All India Best Writer Awards). For three months day and night everyone toiled hard in search of the most talented writers to place them in the list of nominees. Astonishingly, the respond was so awesome that there were 50 nominees for the AIBA. Every participant were honoured with the following gift hampers:
Trophy, Medal, Chocolates, Letter of Appreciation, Quotation book from PW which is not for sale, Two limited edition pens and a framed certificate. The winner’s nobility in the domain of writing was rewarded with an amount of Rs.( ) /- in including the gift hamper.

🥇 Medal
🍫Chocolate Hamper
📨Letter of Appreciation
📘Quotation Book from PW which is not for sale
🖊️🖋️Two limited edition pens
📃 Framed Certificate of Participation

The response from all the nominee and winner are overwhelming which boosted the energy of the team which was behind the lens.

And the winner in Addition got a winning amount of 3000

The team who gave their time and dedication consistent of 9 Members, who represented the team PW for the event.

The event was held on 8th March, 2020. The winner was declared exactly at 11:59 pm and PRAGYA GOGOI was given the title of “AIBA 2020” organized by Team PROFOUND WRITERS.

The response from all the participants and winner where overwhelming which boosted the energy of the team working behind.