About us

About us

About Us

Profound Writers is a renowned writing community established on 8th March,2020 by Mr. Randhir, with a dream of providing a platform for budding writers to improve their writing skills and got its recognition from government of India on 24th December, 2020. As a prestigious writing community, we’re privileged to assemble the passionate & exuberant writers of all categories (Novice, Intermediate & Professional) from all the corners of the World. Profound Writers has touched the mark and surpassed the magic number 2000 writers which is a dream for every developing community.


Profound Writers

Being a part of PW family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will support and be supported for the rest of your life.
In PW family its blessed condition that allows us all to become our best while looking at our worst.
Family is not defined by our genes it is built and maintained through love.
The bonds that links your true family is not one of blood but of respect and joy in each other’s life. PW is our family, we found it all on our own. We may have our differences, but nothing more important than family. PW family is the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.
PW family gives us roots to stand tall and strong.
Rejoice with this family in the beautiful land of life.

How it Works

We are consisting of experienced candidates to judge your writing skills along with “literary enhancement & grammatical rectifications” by helping the writers to express their notions through the art of Writing.

Today, it is one of the best writing platforms with different languages managing almost 25 groups in English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Urdu, and Tamil under the guidance of admins supported by volunteers round the clock to enhance the writing skills of every aspirant writer to turn them into sagacious story writers, obsequious ode writers, quintessential quote writers, samaritan scary story writers, creative caustic writers, and pulchritudinous poets by providing fresh topic along with background everyday to scribble their notions, writing gyaan for literary improvement and reviews from volunteers so that one can rectify the mistakes that one has committed in their write up.


Everyday 3 best write ups are uploaded on official Instagram and Facebook pages of Profound Writers by tagging them. Every month there will be e-certificate presentation for the eligible writers under different categories. A book consisting of 200 people notions which is the Profound Writers first anthology project has also been released and available on Amazon with the name “PROFOUND WRITERS”. To this date, Profound Writers has successfully organized PENNING PEARLS GLOBAL WRITING LEAGUE (3 times), MUSHAIRA (1 time), and SWAT (1 Time). Presently, PROFOUND WRITERS is also operating 4 paid groups namely, PROFOUND WRITERS PREMIUM and PROFOUND WRITERS.

ENTERTAINMENT groups in both English and Hindi languages with attractive features for the writers. We’re euphoric to welcome all the interested & passionate writers from all over the world.


Our Service Areas

mayur vihar phase 1 new extension , metro.


wular valley college ,193502


vijaylakshmi puram 2nd line, Bapatla 522101.


Our 1st Anthology