A Review on Profound Writers

A Review on Profound Writers
February 21, 2021 2 Comments INSPIRATIONAL profound@writers7788

dr. brinda

D. Brinda Government High School, Melpattampakkam

Tamil Nadu..

I’m very proud and happy to be in the Profound Writers family..

It is a global writing community which focuses on developing our writing skills.
Members from different age groups, different state, language are grouped under one umbrella.

Daily prompts give a chance for brainstorming our imagination skills..
our writing and reading skills are enhanced in this platform..

It is like a family we share our reviews, view comments, and take everything in a positive attitude to improve ourselves. It is a fair platform to share our views, thoughts, emotions imaginations, and feelings..
Some topics wrack our sleepy minds and make them active.

Day by day the writers become strong in writing in profound writers group.
members get a chance to write and read others’ posts regularly. This team is really very much supportive and friendly,

if one person writes and reads regularly, there is a good scope to improve ourselves in all areas..
The reviewers and volunteers gently point out the mistakes are really awesome.
We tend to write better day by day.

The certificates encourage all..and the best work is posted on Instagram and Facebook is really a great appreciation from the team.

They guide, inspire and encourage all writers to be regular.
It is a very safe group.

Taking part in a competition, contributing to the anthology is a great feel.
To tell in a nutshell,
Life is incomplete without Profound Writers family…
I am proud to tell you that I have compiled all my poems posted on Profound Writers in the form of a book name Leaves of life…

Thanks from the depth of my heart to all..

The inspiring topics with pleasing and attractive backgrounds make one enthusiastic to come forward to write.

I’m grateful to respected Dr. Randhir for giving his valuable foreword for my book.

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    Priya Patel

    Wonderful content! Fully described Profound Writers and what writing actually is. The way to express.
    And that’s PW’S motto “EXPRESS TO ISPIRE “

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