PW Coordinators

  • Alone it may appear difficult, but together we can reach milestones if hands join together.
    Let us all learn , support and grow , because no one is born perfect.
Manpreet Kaur


Priyanka Deshpande


Sha Azan Siddiqui


Pooja Gaur

Coordinator & BG Designing Head

Priyanshi Pandit


PW Family

PW family is a a sampling now
emerged as flourishing tree..

Shreya Vij

Head of Glorious & Quora

To the viewers, it seems to look like a garden of roses.
But only the peddlers had felt the path of thorns!!

Tejaswini Balivada

Head of Telugu

Don’t be afraid of any situation.Find solution and mould yourself accordingly and become a beautiful masterpiece.

Abhishek Tiwari

Hindi Vol. & BG maker

Its not you who will be remembered, it’s your works. So do good and spread love to stay forever.

Shubham Shinde

Co-Head of Marathi and Shikhar

Falling again and again while balancing in life, is another adventure to learn the lessons of living a life….

Manya Jain

Head of PW Sandhyamini and Nojoto

If life is giving you pebbles use your efforts as a cement, make an attractive piece out of it as hurdles are part of your life which can’t be escaped.

Megha Sen

Co-head of PW Thrive

Once you give up the thought of
‘Let’s do this tomorrow’
You realise that you
Helped yourself to achieve
‘your goal’


BG maker and volunteer for pw vilekha.

Work on your weakness until it turns as your strength.

Prachi Gakhar

Speaker, host and face of PW

Not hurting anyone must be the essence of this Universe.

Sana Fatima

Head of Profoundcreations

Die on dreams. Not in love.

Priya Patel

LinkedIn Head

Always be happy as we don’t know when our life will make us cry.’

Eman Mehmood

Head Volunteer of Urdu

Broken Heart is like a blank cracked sheet, it’s up to you now that wether you want fill it with black ink or white ink.

Dhanuja Rangare

Head Volunteer of Gleam

Your commitment and hardwork shows how serious are you to achive your dream.


Co-head of Tamil

Leave the lost, love the left.