As a writer what do you crave for?
A platform where you can showcase your talent and make it reach to a large number of audience…For this, we have numerous social media platforms, where attracting an audience is not a difficult task if you have talent and skills…

But in this world, where money is the ultimate goal, we often wonder, how beautiful it will be if we earn money through our writings, no doubt many communities organise competitions where you get cash prizes but majorly it has an entry fee…which clear out the cost of the prize..however, have you ever imagined to win a cash prize without any entry fee? indeed a fantastic thought, right!!

Such an initiative was taken by Profound Writers through a competition named SWAT 2 (supertalented writers annual tournament). The competition was successfully conducted

on 25 April 2021 in both Hindi and English language. It can be called a successful event as a large number of people joined in and shared their powerful words. PW had 190 entries for English and 120 entries for Hindi which indeed is a great achievement.

The medium chosen for the competition was telegram and prizes decided included participation certificates, appreciation letters for top 10 winners and cash prizes!! The PW coordinator team has put in lots of efforts and successfully completed the difficult task of choosing a winner.

PRACHI GAKHAR and SRISHTY DUBEY emerged as winners in English and Hindi respectively. They were awarded with cash prizes, appreciation letters and social media promotions.

This was an amazing opportunity for the writers who aim to win money without spending a single penny. Don’t feel sad if you missed this chance, PW is always up with many such events and the promotions are done through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, all you have to do is stay tuned

Winners Certificates